How to Run the Perfect 40 – Finishing the Race (Part III)

This week is the final installment on our 3 Part Series on the 40 Yard Dash.

PART I the importance of body position/angles 

PART II how different movement signaturesTM leak force 

Putting up a great 40 time always comes back to getting a great start and accelerating well through 10 yards, but you still have to finish the race.  The rest of the 40 can be broken down into 2 parts.

  • Transition Phase

  • Absolute Speed Phase

Finishing The Race

Absolute speed technique is very different from acceleration technique and an athlete must be proficient at both in order to run a fast time. Additionally, you also have to be relaxed and patient enough to smoothly transition between the two. Finally, the most important part of finishing the race is preventing injury. Poor absolute speed technique significantly increases the chance for hamstring injuries and this will put an end to your Pro Day before it ever really gets started.

Absolute Speed Technique

Coaching Keys

  • Get “tall”

  • Eliminate long heel recovery

  • “Claw” the ground

You now have all the secrets to running a great 40. But remember, speed always comes back to GRF and ANGLES. Even if you have perfect technique (angles), you still have to develop the force production by training for your individual movement signatureTM.