May 30, 2023

    AWS Health Innovation Podcast: Impact of Movement Health on Disease

    About this episode

    Hosted by: Joe Shonkwiler

    Dr. Phil Wagner, MD, Sparta Science Founder & CEO was featured on the AWS Health Innovation Podcast on May 25, 2023 on their episode #50, Exploring the Impact of Movement on Disease: Insights from Dr. Phil Wagner of Sparta Science

    Phil emphasizes the potential for data-driven approaches to facilitate the development of consensus and standards for assessing movement and ultimately improving outcomes. 

    Additionally in the episode, Phil, Founder & CEO of Sparta Science, shares valuable advice for founders of hardware start-ups, drawing from his background and experience. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by these founders, Dr. Wagner provides insights and strategies to help them navigate the complexities of bringing physical products to market.

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