April 5, 2023

    Video: Sustaining the Human Weapon System in U.S. Special Operations with Joseph Denk, MS, CPSS, CSCS

    Listen in as applied sports scientist and strength & conditioning coach within tactical human performance in SOCOM, Joseph Denk, MS, CSCS, CPSS answers your questions.

    Joe's role has adapted along with advancements in the fields of sport science and human performance. He leverages his vast experience "in the trenches" as a strength and conditioning coach to inform his approach in using data to inform more precise decisions across the organization.

    Watch the video for the full conversation including these topics, and more:

    • How to implement data and technology to scale individualized programming
    • Why there shouldn't be a conflict between data/technology and relationships/coaching
    • How to pick the right technology for your program and culture
    • How data goes from collection to the actual decision process

    Our next episode of the series included a live Q&A with Chase Phelps, PhD. Chase has experience as a human performance leader within Special Operations Commands and Division 1 Athletics. 

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