January 25, 2023

    Sparta Science Awarded U.S. Air Force STTR Phase I Contract to Develop Objective, Scalable Decision Support Tool that Improves Efficiency of Rehabilitative Care Teams

    Multiple SBIR /STTR Phase I and Phase II Projects are Underway with Sparta Science

    Menlo Park, CA – January 25, 2023 Sparta Science, the developer of a machine learning-based Movement Health platform, was recently awarded an AFWERX Small Business Technology Transfer Research (STTR) Phase I contract by the United States Air Force (USAF) to develop an objective, scalable decision support tool that improves the efficiency of rehabilitation and performance optimization experts. This award is significant because it innovates and enhances human performance teams’ capabilities by increasing reach, productivity, and effectiveness.

    Under this award, Sparta Science will collaborate with Northeastern University’s Synergetic Media Learning (Smile) Lab to combine data from Sparta Science force plates with Northeastern University’s groundbreaking mobile device-based markerless motion capture machine vision data in advanced machine learning models that provide more holistic objective input to the rehabilitation decision process.  

    “Machine learning is helping to quantify human movement across broader populations,” said Professor Yun Raymond Fu, Founding Director of Smile Lab at Northeastern University. “Combining synthesized force plate data, markerless motion capture machine vision data, and ML models will enable rehabilitation teams to make more informed care decisions while eliminating the time-consuming process of analysis across thousands of data points.” 

    Sparta Science is actively collaborating with the Department of Defense on multiple SBIR Phase I and Phase II projects to improve warfighter readiness by utilizing Sparta Science's Movement Health intelligence platform in various use cases. These initiatives will explore opportunities to enhance clinicians' and practitioners' abilities to deliver effective movement health guidance at a scale relevant to the USAF. 

    "Musculoskeletal injury is the number one threat to an Airman’s tactical readiness and lethality," said Dr. Phil Wagner, CEO and Founder of Sparta Science. "This project will explore R&D partnerships with Air Force Physical Therapy Clinics challenged by scale, time, and distance to deliver services to Airmen across the Air Force, and explore technology transition strategies with program offices to ensure the successful enterprise-wide implementation of Sparta Science’s machine vision-enhanced capability to increase the reach and scalability of human performance services."

    A major goal of the Air Force is to extend the reach of physical therapy clinics so the needs of the entire base population can be addressed. Human Performance clinics with high provider-to-Airman ratios that are challenged by operational tempo and schedules will work to utilize this partnership to bring new degrees of efficiency and effectiveness for all organizations that work to return individuals back to daily activities post-injury.

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