December 1, 2021

    Sparta Science Extends Partnership With Healthy Is Wellness

    Menlo Park, CA, November 30, 2021 – Sparta Science is excited to share that its partnership with Healthy Is Wellness has expanded and extended through 2022 to continue providing musculoskeletal data to the premier health coaching team and increase the number of lives served together.

    By working with Healthy Is Wellness, employers can ensure that their employees are healthy and have support to achieve their wellness goals. Their health coaches work with individuals to design and help implement personalized plans to optimize health. The Bozeman-based health leader relies on Sparta Science to provide musculoskeletal information when developing individualized health plans. They have positively impacted over 5,000 lives to this point. 

    “Healthy Is Wellness is paving the way for health services in occupational settings and we are thrilled to continue working with them,” said Sparta Science Founder and CEO Dr. Phil Wagner. “It is an honor to partner with a company who is pioneering access to innovative proactive care solutions for employees and bringing Sparta Science’s services to the workforce. They understand our mission and are bringing it to the community at large.”

    “The relationship we have with Sparta Science has helped us proactively work with firefighters and police officers in the largest city in Montana, and work to keep them healthy and safe as they protect our communities,” said Healthy Is Wellness President and Founder Nich Pertuit. “It’s also helped us work with people from ages of 18 – 82 on understanding their MSK strengths and risks, and take proactive steps to be in control of their well-being.  This technology is transformative, and the relationship with the wonderful individuals at Sparta Science is allowing us to revolutionize the prevention of MSK injuries in the dynamic work forces across our ecosystem.”

    Founded in 2019, Healthy Is Wellness immediately began working with Sparta Science and has seen excellent results since the very beginning. Both companies share similar values and goals and will continue to better the lives of individual employees throughout their partnership.


    Sparta Science helps organizations protect their most valuable resource — their people. Leveraging the power of machine learning, Sparta’s Movement Health Platform captures an individual’s data in minutes, assesses performance and risk of injury, then assigns personalized exercise prescriptions to improve performance and accelerate rehabilitation. Elite and conventional military units, sports organizations, and healthcare providers use Sparta Science’s Force Plate Machine Learning™ as a readiness multiplier to reduce attrition and associated costs while creating a culture of improved fitness.

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    Healthy is Wellness grew out of the founder Dr. Nich Pertuit’s zeal for a deep understanding of the non-linear, dynamic systems that make up the human body. With that enthusiasm, combined with the latest scientific research and cutting-edge technology, Healthy Is Wellness was founded with the primary goal of helping everyone they work with to “get well!”

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