September 25, 2023

    Invited Commentary: Movement Health: The Current Status

    Summary: Movement health has the potential to become a vital sign of overall health and wellness, with broad applications across various medical disciplines. Advances in technology and data analysis may lead to more precise diagnosis and treatment in the future.

    Citation: Shaw, Jesse. "Movement Health: The Current Status." Current Sports Medicine Reports 22.8 (2023): 279-280.

    This invited commentary, available in the August issue of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Current Sports Medicine Report, discusses the concept of movement health and its significance in various medical fields. In it, I highlight the growing emphasis on assessing and analyzing human movement patterns as a vital aspect of overall health. The American College of Sports Medicine's Exercise is Medicine® initiative and technological advancements have led to an increased focus on the kinematic nature of the human body. Movement assessment is being integrated into clinical evaluation, rehabilitation, and injury prevention programs.

    Technology has improved the development and availability of objective assessment tools, including motion capture devices, force plates, and wearables, enabling precise human movement analysis. Large datasets combined with machine learning models allow for complex analysis and the identification of meaningful biomarkers related to movement health. This data-driven approach has the potential to improve the early detection of medical conditions and treatment protocols. However, challenges remain, including the implementation of these technologies in clinical settings and issues related to reimbursement. The article also lists relevant Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes for billing and reimbursement in the movement health field.

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