Talking with Any McDonald on the Inform Performance podcast

Dr Phil Wagner, founder & CEO of Sparta Science sits down with Andy McDonald on the Inform Performance podcast. Phil is a a Physician and a Strength Coach who received his medical degree from USC focused on biomechanics. Phil’s passion for protecting athlete health and longevity through injury resilience coupled with his medically-oriented human performance mindset inspired him to found Sparta Science, a movement technology and data science company focused on improving musculoskeletal health.

In this conversation Andy & Phil discuss:

  • Phil’s transition from athlete to Strength & Conditioning Coach to medicine.
  • Setting up Sparta Science
  • Informed consumers
  • Assessing methods & tools before Implementation
  • Re-defining what “Injury prevention means”
  • How Sparta Interacts with team systems
  • AI & Machine learning in predictive injury models
  • Blind spots in data models
  • Injury risk identification verses occurrence
  • The value of coaches & clinicians gaining foundation knowledge in data methods