June 9, 2008

    Changing your Signature: Strength, Skills, and Regeneration

    In the modern world, our most difficult challenge is the elimination of distractions. To combat this obstacle in life, ancient Romans used the phrase, “omne trium perfectum”, meaning everything that comes in threes is perfect, or every set of three is complete. Storytellers (The Three Little Pigs or the 3 spirit visits in the Christmas Carols) and public speakers have used this rule to structure their intended message.

    As you train, or train others, to prepare for a sport, what is your intent? Intent is an aim or purpose that comes from a specific state of mind. But this is not an article about goal setting, but something more important; what areas or categories are you actually setting your goals in.

    The Big 3 for GRF

    Our main goal is to improve an athlete’s Movement Signature, their ground reaction force (GRF) sequence that can increase both power and efficiency. The 3 major factors affecting this GRF Movement Signature are shown to the right.

    Strength is the ability to exert force, can be lifting, jumping, core, etc..

    Regeneration, regen for short, is the process of renewal, restoration, and growth that creates resilience to damage.

    Skills are the execution of fine motor movements with minimal efforts, such as sprinting, agility, medicine balls, etc..

    The 3 Components of the Big 3

    The rule of 3s might seem constricting, suffocating almost, but we take it a layer deeper. For example


    • Maximal Strength – the maximum load through a full range of motion regardless of time

    • Reactive Strength – absorb force and apply more force in the opposite direction

    • Strength Endurance – the ability to maintain tension (see Sparta Point)


    • Sleep – 9.5 hours is average need for an athlete

    • Nutrition – protein, vegetables, water

    • Flexibility – roll out your trigger points


    • Rhythm – quick alternations of contracting and relaxing, great for warm-ups

    • Angles – redirecting GRF to the desired direction (lateral, forward, etc.)

    • Speed – the culmination and goal of any skill is terminal velocity

    How to Make Goals and Create a Program of Intent

    The main problem with goals, and modern training, is the lack of intent or purpose.

    The categories and guidelines mentioned above are meant to give you intent, goals to organize your efforts. Using our software, we use strength, skills, and regen tactics with every athlete to create a better Movement Signature. The organization allows you to edit and see the goals on your phone daily.


    So what is your training program’s goal and the categories to help you organize?

    We all should be able to answer that question in 1-2 sentences, or even better 3.

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