December 10, 2012

    How to Get More “Pop” Out of Your Depth Jumps

    Different athletes require different jumps

    Every jump (plyo) we do at Sparta has a purpose. First and foremost, we are training the nervous system and the stretch shortening cycle. Additionally, we are training each athlete based on the plane and tempo that will best address their Movement Signature needs.

    We can divide our jumps or reactive strength movements into several categories:

    • Tempo – Short vs Long

      • Short Stretch Shortening Cycle

      • Long Stretch Shortening Cycle

    • Plane – Sparta 101

      • Vertical

      • Horizontal

      • Lateral

    Depth jumps are a perfect example of a plyo that addresses the Short SSC in the Vertical Plane

    Coaching Keys

    • Body Position (Toes Up, Chest Up)

    • Arms Back (Ready to use for momentum)

    • “Pop” Through the Sweet Spot

    At Sparta, we complex (pair) these depth jumps with squat variations to improve athletes’ LOAD within their Movement Signature.  This combination trains the neuromuscular system for improved vertical force production and stretch shortening cycle efficiency.

    Depth jump height, or the distance they drop down from a box, is progressed based on each athlete’s level. This objective level systems is based off relative strength and requires athletes to master body control before being advanced to more difficult progressions.

    Understanding how your body moves, and what you need as an athlete changes everything. Lifting and jumping makes you stronger and more powerful, but lifting and jumping with a purpose makes you a better athlete. Understand your movement and train with a purpose.

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