April 14, 2016

    Sport Techie: Sparta Science Trains Elite Athletes By Putting A Training Facility and Software Company Under One Roof

    By: Lindsey Ann von Thron

    Apr. 14, 2016 (MENLO PARK, CA) In the past, the athlete who put in the most training time and worked the hardest was the one who gained the edge. Now, with access to technology and data, it’s the athlete who trains the smartest who gains that edge. The phrase ‘less is more’ is starting to ring true in athletic training and no one is taking that more to heart than Sparta Science. Dr. Phil Wagner, founder and President of Sparta Science, explains that the point of technology is to do less, better.

    “Technology should be used to cultivate habits, which may mean eliminating some habits that aren’t helpful or are detrimental and building other habits which aren’t always just lifting – it could be sleeping habits, conditioning, or spending more time in the sport and less time training,” he says.

    Dr. Wagner opened Sparta Performance in 2008 as a training facility that uses technology to build evidence based training. He met some software engineers who saw the opportunity to build out a massive database from machine learning and thus was born the software product. Putting a training facility under the same roof as a software company allows for data to be collected during the workout and compared to the database in real-time, giving coaches the ability to make that data actionable and personalize the workouts.

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