May 15, 2017

    Forbes: Three Sports Performance Companies Combining Technology & Science To Build Superior Athletes

    By: Brian Heater

    May 15, 2017 (MENLO PARK, CA) In today’s sports, the difference between winning and losing, success and failure, is small.

    Football is said to be “a game of inches.” In baseball a player has “less than the blink of an eye” to hit the ball.

    The bar is constantly being raised as athletes build upon the foundation that the prior generation left behind. The successes of yesterday’s athletes provide a barometer that today’s athletes use to measure themselves and their accomplishments. It serves as motivation to propel them to even greater athletic achievements.

    There is a noticeable difference between the physique and abilities of a 21st- century athlete, such as LeBron James, compared to that of an athlete from the ‘60’s, like Bob Cousy.

    This decreasing margin of error in sports is causing athletes and teams to scramble around to seek out ways to gain an edge—as slight as it may be—over their competitors. It is no longer enough to have your team performing at a high level, but they must also remain healthy during key stretches of the season—as it is not always the most talented team that wins, but the one that is most healthy.

    That is where sports performance companies come in.

    Sports performance companies are combining the use of sports science and technology to minimize injuries and maximize performance.

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