April 15, 2020

    Portland Timbers Win Tournament with Help from Sparta Science

    The Problem

    The Portland Timbers have suffered hamstring injuries at every position on the field in the last few years: forward, midfielder, defender, and even goalkeepers. Hamstring tears are common in the sport of soccer because of the high amounts of force required in sprinting, which also requires significant recovery.

    The Sparta Solution

    Get the full case study to see how the Portland Timbers approached their problem methodically with Sparta Science to ultimately win the MLB is Back tournament, and also

    • surface a common language for decision making
    • achieve player buy in for improving wellbeing
    • drive greater insights on player performance

    With Sparta, we have developed a more thorough understanding of each athlete’s individual needs. In utilizing Sparta’s software, our team can better evaluate, prescribe and monitor each athlete in order to sustain health and performance throughout a grueling 12-month MLS season.

    — Nick Milonas Head of Performance, Portland Timbers

    Click to Read the Portland Timbers Case Study

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