August 12, 2020

    Reinvesting Back into the Student Athlete Experience

    University of San Francisco Challenge

    Prior to 2012, University of San Francisco, a mid-major university in the West Coast Conference, needed a clear, tangible way to connect all coaches, Sports Medicine and Administration. With the goal of creating a unifying philosophy, the athletic department decided to implement Sparta Science as a way to enhance organizational communication and alignment with Student Athlete safety as the main priority.

    “What we utilize it for at USF is collaboration between our strength coaches and athletic trainers to speak a common language”

    — Stephanie Ludwig – Assistant Athletic Director, Sports Medicine

    The Solution

    USF utilizes the Sparta System to evaluate their student-athlete movement patterns, identify injury risk, and create individualized athletic performance programs. The efficiency of the Sparta System allows USF’s staff to assess all 220 student-athletes for their Pre-Participation Physical Exam and reassess frequently throughout the year as determined by each sport.

    The simplicity of the Sparta data allows it to be shared among the entire athletic department staff (Admins, ATs, S&Cs, Sports Dietitian, Sports Psychologist), each sports coaching staff, and most importantly, each student-athlete. Sparta Science provides a centralized platform which creates the foundation for meaningful conversations with student-athletes and enables the entire department to communicate clearly on the well-being and availability of every student-athlete.

    “Medical costs that we had were over $400,000 per year. Two years after putting Sparta in place, we now average about $230,000 per year in pure medical costs. Just a ridiculous amount of savings.”

    - Doug Padron, Sr. Associate Athletic Director

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