September 11, 2023

    Monmouth University

    Scaling Cross-departmental, Data-Driven Decision Making

    Read the full case study here

    In 2019, the Monmouth University athletic department was looking for a way to encourage closer collaboration between their Performance and Medical staff. They identified the Sparta Movement Health Platform (MHP) as a technology that could support the need to assess 500+ student-athletes and provide objective data to aid in training and rehabilitation processes and decision-making.

    In early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced a shift in strategy. Months of inactivity and limited training resources meant that student-athletes returned to campus in a significantly detrained state, placing them at a higher risk of injury. During that time away, the Monmouth staff dug into the MHP to gain a deeper understanding of how they could leverage the insights gained from Sparta Scans to reintroduce the fundamentals of resistance training while monitoring progress closely and objectively. 

    Since the initial implementation, Monmouth has experienced:

    • Outstanding compliance, performing over 10,000 Sparta Scans
    • 17% reduction in ankle sprains and 27% reduction in days missed due to sprains
    • 15% decrease in total number of injuries.

    Read the full case study here

    "The Sparta Science platform essentially functions as an additional performance coaching resource for our student-athletes because it provides meaningful data with actionable feedback. It gives us important data that can help shape how we train our student-athletes, and provide the necessary information for performance coaches to create better programs and fine-tune development tracking over time"
    Tim Rehm, Director of Strength and Conditioning  

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