April 15, 2020

    Wake Forest University

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    Wake Forest wanted a way to measure how their athletes were creating force. Some of their athletes would have the same exact Vertical Jump height, but created force in completely different ways. Wake Forest Athletics does a great job of tracking all components of performance with their athletes and needed an athlete management system to consolidate it.

    Sparta Solution

    “The Sparta Science Platform has had an immediate impact on our program and continues to be a driver in the decision making process. Each player’s Signature is used by our staff to create athlete specific programs designed to mitigate potential injury risks, optimize performance, and increase player availability. The ability to monitor fatigue and quantify specific benchmarks during the return to play process has been an absolute game changer.” said Ryan Horn, Director of Athletic Performance They use the Sparta Scan™ to assess athletes every seven to ten days during the season. They’re focused on the “load, explode and drive” variables the force plate yields that give insight into strength, acceleration and injury risk. “I think it provided us with almost an immediate impact not only for our student athletes to see where they were but also as a coaching staff to see what things, not could we really add, but what things could we take away and really streamline an athlete’s program and really value their time,” Horn said.

    The Sparta Science platform transforms each player’s health and performance data into actionable insight. As a head coach that type of information is invaluable.

    — Danny Manning, Head Basketball Coach, Wake Forest University

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