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Colorado Rockies


Struggling through injuries during the 2012 season, the Colorado Rockies looked for a solution to better address players’ health, as well as a way to have a standardized assessment across all affiliates including in the Dominican Republic. The front office was looking for a quick and easy assessment that their performance staff could do frequently so they could track all their guys’ remotely throughout the season and off-season. In November 2012, Sparta was chosen for its precision and simplicity, and subsequently  implemented throughout the organization from the Dominican Republic through the Major Leagues.

Sparta Solution

A secure and customized website to fit their needs was specifically built out for the Rockies. Throughout the season, the Rockies coaches transport the force plate on the road to all the affiliates, monitoring athletes’ Sparta Signatures and adjusting programs based on this objective feedback. By scanning multiple times during the season the performance staff is able to see what changes need to be made. The Platform also allows them to track other metrics within the software such as workouts, regeneration habits, baseball game stats, etc.

“We weren’t even looking at the injury-prevention side of things originally...The results we’re getting back, honestly, they’re amazing.”
Gabe Bauer
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Colorado Rockies​