January 22, 2023

    Phil Wagner Featured on Daniel Yores Podcast

    Dr. Phil Wagner (@DrPhilWagner) is the CEO and Founder of Sparta Science, a Movement Health Intelligence company dedicated to helping the world move better. Sparta Science is taking a macro-level approach to assessing movement and designing targeted training programs to make improvements. Using force plate technology and tests that cannot be gamed, they are able to gather WAY more data than the human eye can register. This data is then used to determine movement inefficiencies, evaluate training protocols, direct injury rehab, and much more. We discussed some of the gaps in the micro approach to movement assessment - where a trainer or practitioner would take a client through a series of movements, and “score” them in such a way that might dictate weakness, injury, etc. Sparta Science’s technology takes the ambiguity out of this assessment, which would lead to more efficiency for practitioners, and better outcomes for patients/clients. We also dove into some of the overwhelming data that wearable technology provides, and gave some insights on how to best utilize it. Data is helpful, but we’ve got to know what to do with it!



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