July 12, 2023

    Phil Wagner, MD on The Code Podcast: Optimize Performance with Movement Intelligence

    About this episode

    Hosted by: Dr. Andrew Fix

    Dr. Phil Wagner, MD, Sparta Science Founder & CEO was featured on The Code: A Guide to Health and Human Performance Podcast on July 11, 2023. On their episode, #76 Using Movement Intelligence to Optimize Performance, Phil shares experience and intel on the landscape of physical therapy with the onset of Movement Health, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

    Phil Wagner on The Code PodcastIn the episode:

    • AI is a great tool to aggregate data to inform best treatment plans, but shouldn't (and won't) replace a physical therapist

    • Wearables are sophisticated enough to supply data that can be used for creating and evaluating existing treatment plans

    • By streamlining testing, we are able to be more efficient with testing and applying the same assessments, but focusing on biomarkers specific to the individual.

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