May 4, 2023

    Video: Optimizing Performance for US Special Agents with Frank Wintrich, CSCS

    Check out the recording from our recent webinar Optimizing Performance for US Special Agents with Frank Wintrich, CSCS.

    Frank answers questions on:

    • How different technologies are used to approach group and individualized training & recovery
    • How to prepare highly specialized operators for their mission down range, and at home
    • The simplest change you can make for the greatest performance impact
    • Words of wisdom for those thinking about transitioning from athletics to a tactical setting


    More About Frank Wintrich, CSCS

    Frank has 20 years of experience as a human performance leader working with tactical athletes in the FBI and collegiate environments. He is passionate about applying a wholistic approach to training these athletes not only physically but emotionally, too, so they are ready to take on everyday demands.


    • BS, Sports and Fitness Management | Kentucky Wesleyan College

    • MS, Sport and Fitness Administration | Hardin-Simmons University

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    Episode 2: Chase Phelps, PhD

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    Human performance leader within Special Operations Commands and Division 1 Athletics, Chase Phelps, PhD, answers your questions on:

    • The evolution of sports science within tactical and athletic populations.
    • His opinion on the role of technology in human performance.
    • Suggestions on how to work within constraints related to implementing technology.
    • Pearls of wisdom about how to interpret data within the context of your environment.

    Episode 1: Joe Denk, MS, CPSS, CSCS

    Email - Post

    Applied sports scientist and strength & conditioning coach within tactical human performance in SOCOM, Joseph Denk, MS, CSCS, CPSS, answers your questions on:

    • How to implement data and technology to scale individualized programming
    • Why there shouldn't be a conflict between data/technology and relationships/coaching
    • How to pick the right technology for your program and culture
    • How data goes from collection to the actual decision process

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