June 22, 2023

    Video: Balance & Aging: Promoting Health & Longevity with Dr. Debra Rose

    Check out the recording from our recent webinar from our Masters of Balance Series. Dr. Debbie Rose, PhD, a fall risk expert, spoke on Balance and Aging: Promoting Health and Longevity in Older Adults.

    Dr. Rose answers questions on:

    • The impact of age-related changes on balance.
    • Currently used and potential improvements for fall risk assessment strategies.
    • Evidence-based strategies for maintaining and improving balance in older adults.


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    More About Debra Rose, PhD

    Renowned for her groundbreaking contributions in the field of fall risk in older populations, Dr. Debra Rose, Ph.D., is a highly esteemed expert in postural control, mobility enhancement, and fall prevention. As Professor and Chair Emerita in the Department of Kinesiology at California State University Fullerton, she has pioneered innovative programs such as FallProof™, recognized as a "Best Practice" in health promotion by the Health Promotion Institute of the National Council on Aging. Dr. Rose's extensive research has earned her international recognition, while her book "FallProof: A Comprehensive Balance and Mobility Program" has become a testament to her dedication to evidence-based approaches. Her ongoing projects, including the development of the Multi-Systems Balance Test (MSBT) and the evaluation of fall risk reduction programs, showcase her unwavering commitment to advancing fall prevention strategies and improving the well-being of older adults.


    • PhD in Motor Behavior: Department of Kinesiology | Pennsylvania State University
    • MS in Motor Control and Learning: Department of Exercise and Human Movement Studies | University of Oregon
    • Australia Diploma in Physical Education | University of Melbourne
    • Bachelor of Ed in Physical Education | Melbourne State College

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