August 25, 2023

    Video: TBI Assessment and Rehabilitation: A Balancing Act with Thomas Buckley

    Check out the recording from our second webinar from our Masters of Balance Series, with Thomas Buckley. Buckley, a physiologist, athletic trainer, and University of Delaware Concussion Research Laboratory lead, hosted TBI Assessment and Rehabilitation: A Balancing Act. 

    Thomas answers questions on:

    • What is the definition of balance?
    • Different balance variations data and why they are important
    • How TBIs affect different systems
    • Learnings from 150+ sports and DoD publications


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    More About Thomas Buckley

    Thomas Buckley is a professor and researcher with a profound interest in exploring the medium- and long-term neurological effects of collision sports participation, specifically focusing on repetitive head impacts. His work aims to shed light on the intricate relationship between impairments in postural control/balance following a concussion, determination of post-concussion recovery, and the relationship between post-concussion return to participation and associated subsequent musculoskeletal injury. Thomas is the team lead at the University of Delaware’s Concussion Research Laboratory and collaborates closely with the Athletic Department and Athletic Training staff, providing valuable insights into concussion management for student-athletes. With an impressive portfolio comprising over 150 peer-reviewed publications, his contributions to the field of sports medicine have garnered significant recognition. His research endeavors have been backed by funding sources, such as the National Institute of Health, the Office of Naval Research, the NCAA/DoD CARE project, the Delaware Economic Development Office, and the Army Research Office.


    • EdD Applied Physiology | Columbia University, Teachers College
    • MS Athletic Training | Indiana State University
    • BS Athletic Training | Springfield College

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