January 26, 2023

    Video: Movement Health in 2023 - How to Improve Outcomes

    On January 23, 2023, Jesse Shaw, Doctor of Orthopedic Medicine, Jessica Hinman, Epidemiologist, Mark Atkinson, Implementation Scientist, and Bryce Patterson, Strength & Conditioning Expert met to discuss the landscape of Movement Health in 2023. 

    Key Takeaways on Movement Health

    • Don't work backwards, take time to identify Movement Health problems and pain points you want to solve to get the organization aligned
    • Get executive buy-in early
    • Get commitment to gather data in a consistent manner across the organization upfront
    • Establish baselines beyond just "injury crisis". Review longitudinal data sets such as average and threshold data and look for abnormalities
    • Think about optimizing your Movement Health processes, not necessarily overhauling them. Make your solution fit into your routine practices.
    • When evaluating and implementing a solution, consider your organization as a whole - both multidisciplinary expertise and multi-leveled stakeholders, as well as the practitioners themselves.

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    Watch to see how the expert panel discusses improving Movement Health outcomes in today's practice.


    More on Movement Health

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