October 22, 2020

    Fort Sill Partners with Sparta Science to Address Military Readiness and Fitness

    FORT SILL, Okla. – U.S. Army Fort Sill has partnered with Sparta Science, the industry leader in force plate machine learning technology that reduces injury risk and increases readiness for soldiers. Leveraging a database of over two million scans, Sparta Science’s Force Plate Machine Learning™ can analyze the movement imbalances of a soldier in a matter of seconds to identify areas with an increased risk of musculoskeletal injury.

    Since being named commanding general of the base, Major General Kenneth L. Kamper has set a goal to instill a culture of fitness and readiness at Fort Sill and the Fires Center of Excellence. Sparta Science’s mission is to help the military adopt a more holistic approach to health and fitness, and it is excited to begin working with Fort Sill.

    A paper for the Army’s H2F found that as of April, more than 58,000 soldiers were non-deployable and that just a 10 percent reduction in annual musculoskeletal injuries would add the equivalent of a full brigade combat team back to the deployable force. Musculoskeletal injuries are the leading cause of long-term disability for service members.

    Sparta Science currently partners with several commands across the U.S. Armed Forces to help increase readiness, as well as achieve and maintain the needed fitness levels for warfighters in a way that is both tailored to the individual and can be deployed at scale. The report accompanying the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act requires the Department of Defense to study and report to Congress on the effectiveness of force plate machine learning and how it can increase the health and readiness of America’s military. This comes at a time when the military is increasingly looking to technology to help it modernize and win future battles.

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