March 19, 2021

    Marine Corps Recruiting Depot Utilizes Sparta Science to Enhance Fitness and Training

    SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Sparta Science, the industry leader in force plate machine learning technology to identify and mitigate musculoskeletal injury risk, has partnered with the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot, San Diego (MCRD SD) to provide a portable and scalable solution for improving Marine recruit readiness.

    With Sparta Science Force Plate Machine Learning™, MCRD SD and Western Region recruiters will be able to identify and take steps to reduce injury risks with recruits at the Recruit Depot, Officer Candidates before they ship to Officer Candidate School, as well as Drill Instructor students while in attendance at Drill Instructor School. Recruits, Candidates and Drill Instructor students are scanned on force plates and, in a matter of minutes, Sparta can identify each one’s musculoskeletal (MSK) weaknesses, predict their injury risk, and develop a customized training plan to mitigate that risk. Sparta Science is the only company capable of using Force Plate Machine Learning to improve readiness by leveraging its database against precise machine learning variables validated to predict and reduce injury risk.

    The portability of Sparta’s system is significant to MCRD San Diego and the Western Recruiting Region. Due to the geographically dispersed nature of the Western Recruiting Region, Recruiters can bring force plates on the road and scan potential recruits wherever needed.

    Sparta Science currently partners with several commands across the U.S. Armed Forces and is a critical enabler in adequately scanning applicants prior to physically demanding training courses. This coupled with a properly programmed fitness regimen, is a force multiplier in helping to achieve and maintain the needed fitness levels for warfighters in a way that is both tailored to the individual and can be deployed at scale.

    About Sparta Science

    Sparta Science is the industry’s gold standard for Force Plate Machine Learning™ that predicts, improves, and validates individual and team availability. With a simple, self-serviceable two-minute scan per person, organizations increase fitness, prevent injuries, and accurately predict team readiness using the world’s largest machine learning force plate database. 

    Our customizable platform seamlessly integrates into existing processes and systems while the accuracy and precision of our insights improve with every scan, providing clear action steps and multiplying an organization’s ability to protect its most valuable asset – its people.

    Sparta technology is used worldwide by elite and conventional military forces, professional, collegiate, & high school sports organizations, strength training professionals, and medical providers committed to helping people move better, at work, at play, and on duty.

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    Chris D’Aloia


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