April 23, 2020

    PRIDE Human Performance is helping some of Townsville’s top athletes get stronger and be ready to hit the court again

    Working with Sparta Science USA, PRIDE is using state of the art, industry leading technology coupled with decades of experience to assess strength, identify imbalances and prevent injury. Coupled with physiotherapy, exercise physiology, psychology and performance management the athletes are not only maintaining their level, but ready to get back to playing stronger and tougher.

    College basketball sensations Haylee Andrews and Alex Fowler, Super Netball star Kim Jenner and Pole Vault hopeful Brodie Cross are just a few of the athletes PRIDE is working with. They have been also working with clubs such as Saints Netball to help grass roots level programs keep their members engaged.

    “We’ve had to adapt how we deliver our services, but the Sparta System is perfect to help with the physical side of that,” said Performance Manager and co-owner Jillian Joyce.

    Our programs are designed for all humans, not just athletes, and we are really pleased to be assisting some of Townsville’s finest be ready to get back out on the court, field or track with an advantage. But we are also working with business people, servicemen and women and ‘ordinary’ people helping them to achieve the extraordinary.”

    The first step the PRIDE team does is chat with the athletes to discuss what their goals are and where they are at and from there works with other stakeholders such as their sports and schools to develop a program that will see them capitalize on strengths and build on their weaknesses. The Sparta system is one of the tools used.

    “We are delighted to have been able to introduce Sparta to the general market here in Australia,” Jillian said. “This technology is used widely in the USA and by elite sports here in Australia and we wanted to bring that to every athlete and performer of all levels here in the North.”

    College basketball stars Alex Fowler and Hayley Andrews had their stellar Portland season cut short after leading their team to a conference victory for the first time since 1994, but they are determined to not let isolation set them back. Working with the team at PRIDE and utilizing the Sparta system the two have set their sights on returning to finish what they started tougher, fitter and stronger.

    “We are working on those areas where we are most prone to injury,” Andrews said “The results showed I wasn’t getting enough strength in my quads and hamstring and I was at risk of injuries like an ACL.”

    With the data in hand and with the guidance of the PRIDE Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology team Andrews is now undertaking a personalized pre-habilitation program alongside her generalized strength program and is already seeing performance results. She is so impressed with the program she has recommended it to all of her Townsville college pals so they can all head back to the US ready to tear up the court not their bodies.

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