March 22, 2022

    Sparta Science Partners with Inflect Health to Replace Outdated Physician Scales with AI-Powered Movement Health Platform

    Menlo Park, CA | March 22, 2022 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

    Sparta Science, an industry leader in movement health technology, has partnered with Inflect Health, the innovation hub of Vituity, to bring the Sparta Movement Health Platform to acute care clinics–and serve a chronic pain market forecast to reach $152 billion in this decade alone.

    Inflect will introduce Sparta Science’s innovative Movement Health Platform to seven of the innovation hubs’ clinics, replacing the outdated physician’s scale. Instead, a high-fidelity force plate collects individualized patient data through a simple, two-minute scan that generates over 3000 data points per second. The scans combine machine learning models and biomechanical analyses into a set of movement health metrics, movement qualities, and injury risk scores.

    “We are excited to begin this partnership with Inflect Health and we appreciate their investment in improving movement health for all individuals,” said Sparta Science CEO and founder Dr. Phil Wagner. “We are grateful to Inflect Health for recognizing the industry’s need to leverage advanced technologies using data science and AI to provide better personalized care.”

    Dr. Wagner, a physician and strength coach whose athletic career was cut short by a series of avoidable training injuries, originally led the development of the Movement Health Platform to help Navy SEALS and professional athletes. Sparta Science is now partnering with healthcare organizations to make this technology available to all patients.

    “As an industry, we’re only scratching the surface of what can be known about improving movement health,” said Andrew Smith, President of Inflect Health. “Through our partnership with Sparta Science and the help of the cutting-edge Sparta Movement Health Platform we look forward to serving key roles across the healthcare value spectrum, from diagnostic and preventative to rehabilitation and monitoring.”

    Formed by Vituity in December 2020, Inflect Health is a patient-centric healthcare innovation hub with access to 5,000 doctors and clinicians, 1,500 scribes, and over 300 hospitals, with frontline providers in some of the nation’s most acute care settings. Inflect Health capitalizes on its frontline care delivery experience, wide distribution channels, and access to small- to medium-sized enterprises across the entire healthcare space, to address local, community-based healthcare problems without the bureaucracy concerns that impede establishment healthcare organizations.


    Sparta Science was founded with the vision that everybody should be able to move freely, without physical limitations, for as long as possible. Since bringing on our first customer in 2014, we’ve grown into a global full-stack movement health platform. Trusted by organizations spanning the healthcare, government, and sports industries, our platform empowers organizations to provide a better standard of care. Today, we’re ruthlessly focused on studying human movement and creating innovative ways to measure, monitor, and improve movement health.

    For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn @SpartaScience.


    Inflect Health is a catalyst for better care. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices across America, Inflect Health provides guidance and financial support to early-stage healthcare and healthtech companies building promising solutions that offer to meet the needs of today’s evolving healthcare landscape.

    As the innovation hub of Vituity, a physician-owned multi-specialty partnership, Inflect Health has robust access to 5,000 doctors and clinicians, health systems, and other key industry players. This access allows Inflect Health to be a catalyst for consistent care improvement and innovative health technologies, by connecting innovators to capital, physicians, and patients in real-time.

    For more information on Inflect Health, including its portfolio, partners, services, and networking opportunities, visit or find Inflect Health on LinkedIn or Twitter @InflectHealth.


    For 50 years, Vituity has been raising the standard of care and transforming how, when, and where care is delivered. As a physician-owned and -led multispecialty partnership, our 5,000 doctors and clinicians care for nearly 8 million patients annually across 450 practice locations and nine acute care specialties.

    Vituity’s patient focus and commitment to clinical excellence are the driving forces that place us at the heart of better care. Our front-line clinicians and business leaders develop healthcare solutions that improve outcomes for patients and hospitals. Our innovation hub, Inflect Health, identifies early-stage health-tech companies and facilitates a connection to physicians for testing, and our charitable foundation, Vituity Cares, extends our reach into communities that are most affected by healthcare disparities. Vituity is driven to continually transform healthcare through our collective passion for patients.

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