July 26, 2021

    U.S. Army’s 7th Infantry Division Implements Sparta Science Technology to Increase Readiness

    JOINT BASE LEWIS McCHORD, Wash. – Sparta Science, the industry leader in force plate machine learning technology designed to identify and mitigate musculoskeletal injury risk, has partnered with the 7th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army (7th ID) to help assess the division’s fitness status at scale, share real time readiness insights, and provide the leading indicator for musculoskeletal injury (MSKI) profiles. 

    By using Sparta Science’s Force Plate Machine Learning™ technology, 7th ID is sending a clear message that they understand the importance of the U.S. Army’s new Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) initiative. The overarching goal of this new program, created by the U.S. Army’s Center for Initial Military Training, is to address Soldier readiness. 

    “Adopting and implementing innovative technologies like force plate machine learning will help improve the fitness and performance of each Soldier,” said Command Sergeant Major Edward Mitchell (RET.), United States Army Center for Initial Military Training. “Integrating this technology into regular health and fitness regimens addresses key H2F initiatives to increase readiness.”

    Using the Sparta Science Movement Health Platform, Soldiers are scanned on force plates and, in a matter of minutes, Sparta can identify each one’s musculoskeletal weaknesses, predict their injury risk, and develop a customized training plan to mitigate that risk. Sparta Science is the only solution capable of using force plate machine learning technology to improve readiness by leveraging its database of over two million scans against precise machine learning variables validated to predict and reduce injury risk.

    Sparta Science currently partners with several commands across the U.S. Armed Forces to help increase readiness, as well as achieve and maintain the needed fitness levels for warfighters in a way that is both tailored to the individual and can be deployed at scale. Additionally, the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act requires the Department of Defense to study and report to Congress on the effectiveness of force plate machine learning and how it can increase the health and readiness of America’s military.

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