Speed Training Drills...If You Could Only Do One

October 8, 2012

Everybody wants to get faster in “3 Quick, Easy Steps”.  Well, there is nothing quick and easy about it, but sled marching is one of the best speed training drills (see Sparta Point).

We always talk about force production (GRF) and angles (see Sparta Point) as the two keys to speed.  When it comes to speed training drills, nothing does a better job of simultaneously improving GRF and ANGLES better than the sled march.  It really is the BEST “bang for your buck” speed training drills out there.

Keys to the Sled March:

  • Maintain body lean
  • "Sweep" knee and toe up
  • Maximize surface area (see Sparta Point)
  • Get full extension through the hips

Speed is simple, but it is not easy.  Put in the work on the sled, and you will see significant improvements in GRF and sprint technique.  Your times will speak for themselves.

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