April 15, 2020

    General “Spider” Marks


    There are hundreds of thousands of warfighters and service people deployed all over the globe, in all time zones, and the only way to achieve a level of readiness to do their job is with a physical fitness test performed every 6 months comprised of push-ups, sit-ups, and a run. It is a ‘one size fits all’ approach, as it is difficult to deliver a level of individualization to such a large organization.

    Sparta Solution

    Sparta’s implementation in the military gives a level of objective data and precision in terms of how it evaluates each individual’s movement; their strengths and weaknesses, and provides a plan to address those. The level of readiness that a unit can sustain is going to better prepare all of the organizations in the military to accomplish their task. The Sparta System is a quick and portable evaluation tool, that can now put each warfighter on a path that more precisely prepares them for these tasks that they are being asked to perform.

    Sparta system has provided ROIs to these units through a healthier and deployable force that is ready and available to serve.

    — General “Spider” Marks, Former Army Range

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