April 15, 2020

    Orthopedic Associates of Hawaii


    The Problem

    Most post-surgery rehabilitation programs follow an outdated standard Physical Therapy protocol of “6-weeks” to recovery. Orthopedics Associates of Hawaii came to Sparta Science in search of an objective and individualized assessment tool to provide their patients with a more modern, objective, and effective solution.

    Through data from the Sparta Scan (Balance, Plank, Jump), Physical Therapists are enabled to give their patients a more personalized plan to help return from injury. Monitoring patients regularly not only improves the rehab process, but also increases patient retention, engagement, and overall outcomes.

    The Sparta Science Solution

    Orthopedic Associates of Hawaii is using the Sparta Movement Health Platform (SMHP) as a way to accurately assess patients and use objective data to inform decision-making for customizing each patient’s rehabilitation plan and to monitor the rehabilitation process more precisely. The SMHP makes data available to Physical Therapists in a cloud portal and each patient can access their own data and progress on a mobile app. No longer are patients bound to subjective, time-based recovery protocols – instead, patients follow a personalized, data-driven experience, with more dedicated treatment time.

    “The Sparta Movement Health Platform has been an invaluable component of our rehab program. We are able to provide the highest level of technology to our patients with data that allows them to return with optimum conditioning and safety. We strongly believe that Sparta allows us to lead the wave of the future.”

    Dr. Darryl Kan, Sports Medicine Physician, Orthopedic Associates of Hawaii Tweet

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