April 15, 2020

    SOL Physical Therapy and Performance Training


    The Problem

    Physical therapy clinics and private fitness facilities have historically struggled to:

    • Validate impact in a real, objective way

    • Create continued engagement amongst patients and members

    In order to create that engagement, practitioners need a way for patients to interact with the process and understand the journey to results. Most practitioners rely on what they see and feel, using tests like the Functional Movement Screen to show results; these subjective tests don’t move the needle in creating engagement, resulting in decreased patient retention.

    Implementing the Sparta Solution

    To be a leader in this profession, Dr. Tammara Moore of SOL Physical Therapy + Performance Training believes that practitioners and business owners must use data to educate their clients and give visibility into their progress. Sparta’s suite of assessments allows SOL to give its clients:

    • Increased engagement for better compliance and retention

    • A clear picture of their development throughout the process

    • Deeper insights into the efficacy of the program

    Dr. Moore added that, “Clients feel more ownership over their rehab, improving their compliance in and out of the clinic, producing improved outcomes and increased engagement.”

    This is the wave of the future. Every individual we see wants to be as strong and as fit as possible. Being able to deliver objective data creates engagement, improves results, and keeps people coming back.”

    — Dr. Tammara Moore, Owner & Founder, Sol Physical Therapy + Performance Training

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