April 15, 2020

    Unlock Training and Performance

    The Problem

    Programming for a hypermobile pitcher can be difficult: these athletes may have an easier time learning difficult pitches, but they may be at a greater risk of injury, or find it harder to make large gains in the velocity of their pitch. Unlock Training & Performance came to Sparta to add more analytics to their programming, helping their clients reach the next level of performance.

    The Solution

    By combining Sparta Science’s insights with Fusionetics & EliteForums, Unlock created a 5 week program for the hypermobile pitcher. This program helped their clients increase their core stability, power, explosiveness, and ultimately pitching velocity without increasing their risk of injury. “The hardest problem to solve for is the hypermobile athlete, and we really didn’t have something as analytically driven on the strength training side. That’s where Sparta came in. They helped us adjust our programming for the pitchers and the hypermobile baseball players. Our low-explode players, our guys who came in throwing at 50 miles an hour left throwing at 70.” – Chad Arceneaux, Unlock Training & Performance

    Our guys came in throwing at 50 miles an hour and left throwing 70.

    — Chad Arceneaux, Licensed Athletic Trainer and Owner

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