July 12, 2023

    Sparta Science and TeamBuildr Develop Data Integration to Enhance Athletic Performance Tracking

    [Menlo Park, CA / Silver Spring, MD, July 12, 2023]Sparta Science, the developer of a machine learning-based Movement Health Platform, and TeamBuildr, the world's #1 performance platform for strength coaches, are thrilled to announce their integration partnership. This collaboration aims to empower coaches and athletes with a comprehensive solution for program development, data tracking, and athlete connectivity. By seamlessly incorporating Sparta Science's metrics into TeamBuildr's platform, this integration will enhance the way strength and conditioning and sports medicine professionals optimize athlete well-being.

    TeamBuildr and Sparta Science have established themselves as go-to platforms for performance and medical professionals, offering unparalleled experiences in program development, data tracking, and athlete-coach communication. By joining forces, Sparta Science and TeamBuildr are taking performance tracking to new heights.

    "This integration is the result of persistent demand from our customers," said Phil Wagner, CEO of Sparta Science. "Our customers have been eagerly seeking a solution that combines the power of Sparta Science's actionable results with TeamBuildr's comprehensive platform. We are excited to meet their needs and provide them with a seamless integration that reduces administrative burdens and gives coaches time back in their day."

    The initial phase of this integration project focuses on importing force plate data from Sparta Science into TeamBuildr's system for a Major League Baseball organization. This feature holds significant importance, as it has been highly requested by and is immediately available to other sports organizations. The ability to seamlessly incorporate force plate metrics will allow strength coaches to precisely monitor and adjust training programs to maximize results and minimize injury risks.

    "After witnessing the impact that Sparta Science has had on athlete performance, many customers have requested an integration to bring their metrics into the TeamBuildr environment," stated Hewitt Tomlin, CEO of TeamBuildr. "We are proud to partner with Sparta Science to bring this integration to life. By combining our strengths, we are delivering an unparalleled experience that meets the demands of our customers."

    Following the successful integration of select force plate metrics, the collaboration will expand to include other essential biomarkers from Sparta Science. By incorporating these additional data points, sports medicine, and performance professionals will gain a more comprehensive understanding of athlete performance, enabling them to further optimize training programs and identify areas for improvement.

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