September 12, 2023

    University of Portland and Sparta Science Forge Innovative Partnership to Introduce Multisource Data-Driven Performance and Availability Insights

    [Menlo Park, CA, September 12, 2023] - The University of Portland Women’s Soccer (WSOC) Program and Sparta Science, a leader in scalable movement health intelligence, are proud to announce a partnership that has the potential to revolutionize athlete performance and risk management. Leveraging Sparta Science's advanced Movement Health Platform (MHP), the University of Portland WSOC aims to elevate its capabilities in understanding athlete readiness and enhancing its approach to injury prevention.

    In the dynamic landscape of collegiate athletics, the University of Portland WSOC recognized the need for a comprehensive solution that unifies athlete data and streamlines decision-making processes. Previously, player data was dispersed across various platforms. This challenge is a common thread among university athletic departments.

    Enter Sparta Science's Movement Health Platform (MHP). Previously recognized as a force plate solution, the MHP was rebuilt in 2022 as a powerful data platform and analysis engine. Utilizing a variety of health and performance data, it employs machine learning to create readily available metrics. This partnership will integrate Titan GPS and Titan RPE data and, for the first time ever, data from Hawkin Dynamics Force Plates via an API Connector. The fusion of these datasets is poised to empower the University of Portland with an unprecedented ability to gauge athlete fatigue, readiness, and return to play.

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    "We are thrilled to partner with the University of Portland in this first-of-its-kind collaboration," says Sparta Science's CEO and Founder, Phil Wagner. "Our evolution from a force plate solution into a comprehensive data platform demonstrates our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that address the complex needs of today's athletic programs. The integration of third-party force plate data into our platform showcases the flexibility, integrability, and power of the MHP to work toward the betterment of athlete health and performance."

    "This collaboration with Sparta Science propels our athlete management capabilities to new heights,” said Associate Head Soccer Coach at the University of Portland, Maite Zabala. “By combining our different player datasets into one unified platform, we are becoming more efficient as a staff and positioned to drive informed decisions that directly impact the well-being and performance of our student-athletes."

    The University of Portland Soccer program and Sparta Science partnership signifies an evolution towards enhancing athlete performance, well-being, and injury prevention. By pooling their expertise and resources, these two entities are poised to reshape how collegiate athletics approach data-driven decision-making.

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