December 20, 2023

    Dashboards for Alignment in Health, Performance & Readiness Data

    Organizations are grappling with optimizing their most valuable asset—human capital. Technology emerges as a critical ally as the need for effective communication and strategic decision-making becomes paramount in optimizing your people's health, performance, and readiness. Our flexible interface allows organizations to select, track, visualize, and communicate the most important KPIs, for at the heart of organizational alignment lies effective communication. 

    Visualize Data for Effective Communication

    For over a decade, we have been helping a vast customer base leverage technology, data, and analytics to support optimizing their people. One of the key characteristics successful teams display is effective communication

    We are excited to share some new and ongoing updates to our Movement Health Platform's dashboard capabilities to support communication and alignment better. Customizable dashboards are a powerful means to facilitate this communication by allowing organizations to present data that resonates with their unique objectives and requirements.

    Below are some of our new capabilities and how they help to support organizational alignment:

    Optimized dashboards to support engagement and communication

    Each organization measures unique KPIs that must be monitored and tracked to support alignment. Effective communication requires stakeholders from multiple levels to be engaged. Custom dashboards offer the flexibility to tailor data presentation to engage different stakeholders, presenting the RIGHT information in a way that resonates with them. Choose from various chart types, optimize the layout, and report on and compare large or small groups. 

    PDF downloadable report

    Democratize data and insights safely and securely

    The human data utilized to optimize readiness is often sensitive. Our robust permissions and access maintain security and compliance while supporting data visualization for enhanced communication. This democratization of data access enhances decision-making and encourages cross-departmental collaboration.

    Align on critical dates and time-frames

    Customize timelines for precision insights, whether you need a snapshot of a single day's data or a longitudinal view of trends over time. Organizations can overlay critical timelines to zoom in and out and quickly develop custom charts and reports. 


    Dashboard Drill Down Gif

    Interactive charts and dashboards

    Transform static data into actionable insights. Clickable charts and interactive features like filters, drill-down options, and tooltips empower users to dive deep into their data, gaining nuanced insights.

    Leverage advanced analytics

    Our dashboarding leverages all of the advanced capabilities of our human data platform, including population statistics, predictive modeling, segmentation, and custom analytics powered by the Calculation Engine.

    Readiness Classification

    Dashboards alone will not support a data-driven culture. Still, they provide a critical tool for effective communication, organizational alignment, and engagement. It's time to embrace a data-driven approach tailored to your unique needs, fostering a culture where data becomes a unifying force. 


    Connect with our team to explore our enhanced dashboards or learn more about our purpose-built human data platform that provides organizations with a custom, iterative, systematic approach to unlocking the potential of data to optimize human health, performance, and readiness. 

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