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Personalized & Predictive Analytics for Athletes
In less than 90 seconds gather meaningful data about your athletes
Score & Benchmark
Instant access to insights fueled by industry-leading, scientific research
Monitor & Improve
Log activity and monitor progress with the Sparta App
The Sparta Scan
The Sparta Scan uniquely collects and analyzes foundational data on an athlete’s force patterns. Generated in under 90 seconds using a portable force plate system, the Sparta Scan crunches thousands of data points into the three key variables that make up the Movement Signature™ - Load, Explode and Drive. Gaps in an athletes Movement Signature™ indicate areas for adjustment and improvement, as well as potential injury risk.
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SpartaTrac provides insight into individuals’ athletic potential, allowing coaches to take a more direct path in developing resilient athletes.
  • Quickly score and compare athletic resilience
  • Pinpoint individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Project future performance and injury risk
  • Customize programs and deliver personalized action plans
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“We were able to challenge a trend and improve on-field performance and reduce injury risk for these players.”
Tom Tombleson, Current England Rugby Team Strength & Conditoning Coach, formerly with NSW Waratahs
Cleveland Cavaliers
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Australia Rugby Union
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Atlanta Falcons
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