February 15, 2023

    Portable Scan Kit Makes Evaluations More Accessible

    Sparta Science's new portable Scan Kit makes Movement Health assessments more practical, mobile, and accessible.

    Movement Health assessments require tight facilitation and collaboration between the user and practitioner. At the same time, technology must fit into existing environments and processes. Large-scale process reengineering rarely leads to successful adoption and outcomes. 

    With these two factors in mind, Sparta Science developed a new portable Scan Kit that captures human movement data with an iPad and force plate. It allows practitioners to scan in a clinic, gym, outside area, or just about anywhere they want to assess users. Table and floor stand kits are available, and assessments take as little as two minutes. Self-guided prompts and error checking during the assessment process provide instantaneous feedback to users while ensuring high-quality, standardized data is captured.

    Challenges with human data capture

    There are plenty of digital health solutions on the market. Still, the industry needs more standardization of human observation data. Most organizations need help understanding their entire population, spend a lot of time on manual assessments, and need more scalable tools to make better data-driven decisions systematically. Who should we send for further evaluation? Which percentage of the population is ready to return to work? How did a concussion impact a player? The Scan Kit provides standardized movement assessments that help organizations collect this data practically and scalably. Supported by the Trinsic Human Data Platform (HDP), our technology helps democratize human data through role-based access so users, practitioners, and executives can "speak a common language."

    Real-time synthesis and benchmarking provide insight

    The kit directly streams standardized biomechanical data from the Sparta Science force plate to the iPad with immediate visualization and results. Apple's new M series chips provide the processing capability to leverage insights derived from the locally on the iPad using Trinsic's edge compute capabilities. This means raw and traditional biomechanical metrics are available, and more synthesized information like normative population results that leverage machine learning models and billions of historically captured data points are available in real-time, with no connectivity. 

    iPad Scan App Results

    These insights help stakeholders see how scores compare to others in the same age range, understand where balance may be misaligned, and provide a point-in-time barometer of Movement Health—on an individual and organization-wide level.


    Engagement, compliance, and results through data


    The improvement of Movement Health most often requires individuals to be engaged, compliant, and motivated to improve. With the Portable Scan Kit, practitioners and users can actively collaborate with the touchscreen-enabled Scan application. The intuitive results and visualizations provide informative insights to keep users engaged and aware of their Movement Health status and capabilities. Because the evaluation process takes just a few minutes, practitioners can spend more one-on-one time with patients, athletes, employees, and warfighters. The Scan Kit provides this focal point for collaboration. The evaluation process is supported by PT billing codes—97750, 97530, and 97110 are commonly used. 

    The value of a Human Data Platform

    The Scan Kit provides standardized, flexible capabilities for objective human movement assessment and enables more freedom for practitioners during the capture process. That's the hardware side. Still, the value of Sparta Science's technology is the insights derived from population and cohort data leveraging the Trinsic HDP that allows organizations to build upon the data capture as it happens and leverage continuous innovation in the cloud without touching the hardware—or force plates and iPads—at all.

    Regarding the move amongst hardware manufacturers toward software-enabled functions, Dmitry Loschnin in Forbes says,

    "This has given rise to a new class of products—software-defined assets—in which software, rather than hardware, provides the bulk of the solution."

    This evolution has spawned a new generation of connected, software-powered data platforms that, unlike traditional hardware, can leverage ongoing computer and data science innovation.

    The software-defined approach Trinsic uses allows things like:

    • Comparisons against billions of historical data points to unveil "not-seen-by-the-naked-eye" insight.
    • Longitudinal analysis and progress indicators - view by week, year, individual, and organization.
    • Logical grouping of populations into cohorts, powered by Machine Learning, to inform the next-best action.
    • Integrating other health and health metrics, e.g., the correlation between sleep and Movement Health scores.

    We are excited to deliver the portable Scan Kit, but even more thrilled to help organizations build a data asset to see trends, know what's working, and operationally improve outcomes. While grounded in the data platform built for human data, it all can start with just an iPad and a force plate!

    View the data sheet for more information.

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