Force Plate Machine Learning™

Force Plate Machine Learning™ software, or FPML™, leverages Machine Learning with data collected from force plate technology to identify how you move and provide recommended training plans that can help treat preexisting conditions, reduce injury risk and optimize performance.

The One and Only

Sparta’s Data Lake, a secure cloud to preserve & manage unlimited instrument data volume, is growing exponentially as scan volume increases. Cloud storage allows longitudinal analysis & continuous improvement of Machine Learning models.

While others are limited by software infrastructure limits and/or server time, Sparta is not, making us the only company actively using Force Plate Machine Learning™ software. The speed, accuracy and precision of our FPML™ software and predictive models are consistently improving.


Data is collected from simple Sparta Scans, done together or independently. The scans measure unique movement qualities and compares individuals to our database of over 2 million scans, generating a Movement Signature instantly.

An aggregated data pipeline integrates with Machine Learning models allowing our Force Plate Machine Learning™ software to provide real-time prediction results.

A unique and proprietary set of metrics is extracted from time series data (raw data) while an evolving set of machine learning variables enables Force Plate Machine Learning™ predictions and presents your data on a simple, intuitive dashboard.

Force Plate Machine Learning™ software delivers your Scan results instantly, including your Sparta Score™ and Injury Risk, identifies your strengths and weaknesses and automatically generates personalized Machine Learning exercise recommendations for movement health improvement.

Online access and reporting optimizes engagement, demonstrates progress and improves outcomes.

With web & mobile based access, walk-up self scanning for users, and FPML™ integrated into the software, the ability to scale a large number of users is immediately available.